Secured Credit Card Loan Program

Secured Credit Card Loan Program

Through a generous grant from Jewish Women's Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit, NCJW/Greater Detroit is offering an opportunity for Jewish women who meet certain criteria to apply for their own secured credit cards. This program is targeted for Jewish women who are 18 years old or older, who need to establish credit in their own names, and who have the ability to repay a loan.

  • For women who never had credit in their own name or whose credit has been compromised by a spouse, a significant other, or by lack of knowledge of what poor credit can do, this is a chance to become fiscally responsible and independent.
  • Volunteers will help with applying for the loans, and a bank will decide whether the card, backed by a $300 loan from NCJW/Greater Detroit, will be extended to the applicant.
  • If the card is approved, the card is good for a total of $300 in purchases and must be paid back in a timely manner. These payments will lead to gaining credit in a partially secured or unsecured card for the holder.

If you are interested, and fit the above qualifications, please call the NCJW/Greater Detroit office for further information at
248-355-3300, ext. 0.

See related Money Matters financial workshops. Both these programs, inspired by NCJW's Higher Ground campaign, are made possible by a grant from Jewish Women's Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit.

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